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LifeBot: EMS Telemedicine Hub and Call Center

Telemedicine Hub and Call Center





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LifeBot has the most advanced technologies to build the most advanced telemedicine hubs and call centers in the world today.

What is a Telemedicine Hub Call Center?

A telemedicine hub (Tele-Hub) call center is a central care coordination center that manages calls initiated by patients and connects them to the appropriate medical expertise for telemedicine consultations. For a medical center that has many medical specialists in telemedicine, this is an essential element for efficiencies of care.

So a telemedicine hub call center is essentially a dispatch center that connects a patient to the right doctor or medical specialist. Most call centers today focus on primarily home bound patients but also may connect special areas of hospitals or clinics for remote video consultations. In some events the same connections are used to access and update medical records of patients.

The best example of the most advanced tele-hubs today is at left at the University of California in San Francisco.

Few of these modern call centers utilize transmission of full physiologic data. Video interaction is only one aspect of a comprehensive telemedicine system design.

So how do Telemedicine Hubs relate to Emergency and Disaster Medicine Today?

LifeBot may construct tele-hubs that integrate rapid response to not only daily medical emergencies but also for use in major disasters as well. DREAMS (Disaster Relief and Emergency Medical Services) is an emergency telemedicine system intended to fulfill this role. It is a proven system used during the Hurricane Katrina and Rita disasters. It was designed to meet these needs in both private and military applications.

Researchers at Weill and Cornell have already produced a model using telemedicine for disaster response.(see below) Many similar proposals for use of telemedicine are now appearing. LifeBot DREAMS is a telemedicine system made exactly for this purpose.

Perhaps the most important element in tele-hub design is Decision Support Software (DSS) that may rapidly, safely and effectively determine the urgency of each patient; whether the call is emergent or non-emergent. This is care coordination at it’s best, enabling prioritization of calls based on the real needs of each patient minimizing risks and medical errors. LifeBot has the most proven DSS in this area, utilized in more than 20 million calls without legal issues.

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