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Liberty County EMS : Again Leads the Way in Mobile Integrated Healthcare with its Historic Deployment of LifeBot DREAMS Ambulance EMS Telemedicine | LifeBot

libertylifebot2Fifteen years ago Liberty County EMS was selected to lead the way in EMS Telemedicine and Mobile Integrated Healthcare functioning as the test bed for field trials and research and development for the military DREAMS Project. Now it continues this tradition with the deployment of LifeBot DREAMS.

Fifteen years ago Liberty County EMS was the first to use the DREAMS EMS telemedicine system in a major disaster. DREAMS (Disaster Relief and Emergency Medical Systems), is a $14 million digital ambulance telemedicine research project developed by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (UCMC) and the Telemedicine and Technology Research Center (TATRC). This unique system has always set the true standards of care desired within a mobile healthcare system. It still does.

Still First in Mobile Integrated Heathcare (MIH):

This system was the first and only of its kind to be successfully deployed, sending live interactive video, voice, complete patient physiological data, and fully integrating a live ePCR (patient medical call record) to physicians at the hospital Integral to its development was the first communications system functioning transparently over wireless cellular, 3G, satellite, and military data radio systems. It is still the only system integrating these mobile connectivity systems, and this has been expanded to 4G, LTE, LTE-X, and fixed networking.

In 2010, the exclusive world-wide rights to the DREAMS technologies were acquired by LifeBot. It has evolved the technologies with two primary steps. First, LifeBot miniaturized the system and made it lightweight and portable, so it may be instantly deployed and used anywhere at any time. Second, many new technologies have been integrated into the system, the latest of which is portable ultrasound.

Patient Medical Records : Health Information Exchange (HIE):

LifeBot Mobility™ cloud services also have the exclusive ability to replicate patient Electronic Medical Records (EMR), with all related physiological and call data, to all ambulances or LifeBot units within a select EMS system. A simple swipe of a drivers license or ID card on its built in bar-code scanner, instantly displays the patient’s complete history. It is the only such system where records may be accessed within a second, even if its networking is “offline”.

Access to patient medical and call records can radically increase the quality of patient care at the scene, especially during an emergency.

Advanced Patient Care : The Legacy Continues :

Liberty County EMS Director, Mike Koen, stated, “Our commitment to quality is best exemplified by the continuing Telemedicine Technology that LifeBot DREAMS has developed. Utilizing this superior technology has enabled us to continue to provide our communities the highest levels of advanced care available.

The original DREAMS Project was supported by Texas A&M University System and The University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston. Original leaders of the project were Dr. James “Red” Duke, Jr., the legendary trauma surgeon at Memorial Hermann Medical Center and Doug Tindall. Other primary thought leaders were Professor James Wall, and Larry Flournoy and Robert Arnold at Texas A&M. The system was developed over seven years culminating with the historical first use of such a system in a major disaster, by Liberty County EMS, in the aftermath of hurricanes Rita, Ike and Katrina.. DREAMS is still the only such system proven in use during such major disasters.

We could not be more proud of this use at Liberty County EMS.” said LifeBot CEO, Roger Lee Heath, “This is the first deployment in Texas, the birthplace where DREAMS or Mobile Integrated Healthcare was born, developed, and proven under the worst of disasters. This is truly historical in scope. Yet,it is just the beginning of a system that will further evolve to meet so many more needs. DREAMS has returned home.

Frost & Sullivan : “Best of Class” Innovation Award :

Renowned market research firm, Frost & Sullivan, after an extensive independent research study of leading solutions, recently awarded LifeBot it’s 2014 New Product Innovation Leadership Award for Portable Telemedicine Solutions. This study is now available to everyone as a free download on the LifeBot web site. download free report now

About Liberty County EMS:

Liberty County Emergency Medical Service in Liberty County, Texas strives to provide the highest possible level of emergency services to our citizens and patients every day. Our team is comprised of licensed paramedics, CPR Instructors, EMS Instructors, Fire Fighters, a number of administrative and support staff, and highly-trained first responders. Our reputation for providing superior care to our residents is one we value highly and deliver each and every day.

For more details visit: www.libertycountyems.com

Above Photo Credit: © Medicus Rescue 2015 – Craig Ringer of Liberty County EMS demonstrates streaming EKG and Video with Chris Reagan a San Jacinto College North EMT student. download high-res version

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