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LifeBot, a telemedicine solutions company, provides exclusive patented and military developed technologies for healthcare. These systems are used to send and receive live video, voice and patient vital-sign data transmissions primarily in support of heart, trauma and stroke victims. Telemedicine is the interactive exchange of medical information and care from one site to another via electronic communications to reduce risks, improve patients’ health status and reduce costs.

LifeBot systems are also designed for management of major crises, disasters and emergencies by hospital based and field public safety emergency professionals and for the U.S. Military in battlefield operations. We integrate capabilities not inherent in today’s telemedicine communications so the benefits of achieving telemedicine, telehealth, and emergency preparedness objectives may all be fully realized.

Employee excellence, product quality and consistent results are LifeBot focal points. Individual honesty, integrity and trust are the key elements on which successful relationships and enterprises are built. The LifeBot Team is committed to assure the highest levels of integrity, responsiveness and user satisfaction as the integral elements needed to earn the trust required to be the industry leader.

LifeBot was founded by Roger Lee Heath, the inventor businessman who made possible the life-saving Automatic External Heart Defibrillator (AED) and who is sole inventor of more than 34 patents related to the field of medical technology. He has served 40 years in the medical devices industry, with more than 28 years in senior management positions. Mr. Heath was recommended for the Lemelson MIT Prize by American Heart Association associates. His experience spans almost four decades in successful business management, marketing, design and deployment of emergency life-support and communications systems.


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